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Please See Fee Schedule For New Rates- Vehicle Safety Transportation Bill. 



Local Use Fees

If you are a resident of the following counties, you will be assessed an additional $5 on your annual registrations:


As of 1/2/2017- Those Counties Are:

** Cumberland

** Fulton

** Blair

** Allegheny

** Bucks

** West Moreland

** Philadelphia

** Dauphin

** Chester

** Greene

** Cambria

** York

Effective 3/1/17- Berks



Registration is only transferable amongst the following:

  • Spouse to Spouse
  • Parent to Child or Child to Parent
Pennsylvania Title Transfers




**Instant Registration Renewals---Forget to renew your vehicle registration? Receive your registration card and sticker immediately when you do on instant renewal!


**Online Title Transfer--Save yourself that trip to PennDot!  No more cardboard tags in your rear window while waiting for your registration card and sticker. No more pink slips! Receive them when you leave my office and your title at your home in approximately 5-10 days! Reconstructed titles too!


**Replacement Sticker, Registration Cards & Weight Class Stickers--  I am now able to reissue you lost/never received/stolen/etc items listed above.


The following is needed to complete a Pennsylvania Transfer:

  • Personal appearance of both the Seller(s) and Purchaser(s), unless the title was previously signed and NOTARIZED by the seller(s)
  • Driver's License of both Seller(s) and Purchaser(s). Pennsylvania Driver's License is required for the purchaser.
  • Current Proof of Pennsylvania Insurance
  • Any Lienholder information, if applicable.  IE: Name of Lienholder/Address of Lienholder and Lienholder's ID Number.
  • Mileage of Vehicle
  • Owner's Registration Card if registration is being transferred off another vehicle owned by the purchaser.




Considering a Vehicle on Ebay?


If you purchasing a vehicle on Ebay, consider the following:

  • Does that state require notarization of the title? Some states do and some don't. If it is a state that the seller signature requires notarization, and you receive the title without a notarized signature, that could create problems for you titling the vehicle in Pennsylvania.
  • Does that state issue an in-transit tag for transporting back to Pennsylvania?
  • Security in the mailing of the title to your residence.


If you are selling a vehicle on Ebay, consider the following:

  • Seller signature will need to be notarized!
  • Purchaser information will need to be completed in full. IE: Name/Address etc.  Incomplete (OPEN) titles are not allowed to be notarized in Pennsylvania.
  • I would suggest making a copy of the notarized title, front and back showing transfer has taken place. Retain for your records.
  • Security in mailing of the title to the purchaser.


Services Provided


Some of the services provided:

  • Instant Registration Renewals
  • Online Title Transfers
  • General Notary Procedures
  • Title Transfers and Registrations
  • Death Procedure Title Transfers
  • Applications for Duplicate Titles
  • Reconstructed Title Applications Processed Online
  • ATV Transfers and Temporary Registrations
  • Snowmobile Transfers and Temporary Registrations





Just Moved to Pennsylvania?


All new residents are required to make application for Pennsylvania title and registration of their vehicles, within 20 days of entry into the Commonwealth when establishing residency in Pennsylvania. In order to register your vehicles, you will need to bring the following:

  • Your PENNSYLVANIA Driver's License.
  • Proof of PENNSYLVANIA insurance.
  • A valid title issued in your name from the state in which you left. If there is a lien on this vehicle, the lienholder must release the ORIGINAL title in order to complete this process. If they are uncooperative, a letter of responsibility can me sent to them from me and the title will come directly to me for the transfer to be completed.
  • The Lienholder's Information: Name/Address and the Lienholder's ID Number
  • A legible tracing of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from the vehicle. If this is not possible, I am able to verify the VIN tracing by viewing the vehicle itself.
  • Mileage of Vehicle


Once registered in Pennsylvania, it needs to be inspected within 10 days.


Out of State Transfers


Not a Resident of Pennsylvania?

If you are NOT a resident of Pennsylvania but you purchased a vehicle with a Pennsylvania title, you can purchase a 30 day In-Transit tag. This cardboard tag is placed on the vehicle to enable you to transport the vehicle back to your state for titling and registration at your state's DMV. Both Seller(s) and Purchaser(s) signatures on the Pennsylvania title REQUIRE Notarization....NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please bring the following with you:

  • The Seller(s) to have their signatures notarized. They will need their valid Pennsylvania Driver's License for identification purposes.
  • The Purchaser(s) Personal Appearance as well as their current Driver's License.
  • Current Proof of Insurance.
  • Mileage of Vehicle

Pennsylvania Residents:

If you are a resident of Pennsylvania, the only difference in titling a vehicle that was purchased out of state is the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) verification. A legible tracing from the vehicle will need to be brought to the office. If this is not possible, I am able to verify the VIN tracing by viewing the vehicle itself.

Please bring the following along with you:

  • The original title. If the seller(s) signatures required notarization in that state, they MUST be notarized...NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Your current Pennsylvania Driver's License
  • Your current Pennsylvania Insurance.
  • The VIN tracing as mentioned above.
  • Mileage of Vehicle